Christ Church Vero Beach is a family of faithful believers who follow Jesus Christ in the ancient paths of prayer, Scripture, and sacraments in order to be formed by the Holy Spirit for service and mission to God, one another, and our neighbors.

Our collective mission is to worship the Lord, grow disciples, and reach our neighbors and nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We worship because God is worthy.

Pentecost worship

We gather together on Sundays, but continue worshiping each day through the Daily Office and personal spiritual disciplines.


Rather than revising the faith to reflect culture, Anglicanism leads from the truths of life in Jesus as handed down from the Early Church through the Holy Scriptures and declared in the historic creeds. These timeless truths and doctrines contrast and sometimes conflict with the postmodern values and preferences of our culture, but they provide a reliable framework intended to reform a secular culture into a mode of holiness as defined by God.

Our use of a printed liturgy is based on worship being "the work of the people" and not merely a presentation that people watch passively. Anglicans are participants in the service who connect with our holy God through expressions in worship, praise, prayers, and receiving Holy Communion.

Just before we depart from the church, a deacon dismisses us to depart in peace to serve the Lord. This is not the end, but a commission to continue worshiping as we go and where we go in the name of Jesus Christ to spread the gospel in the coming week.

We grow as the Holy Spirit changes us.

A teacher reading a book to a group of young students sitting on a classroom floor, all wearing purple uniforms.

We commit to study and pray God's Word and to serve others in Jesus' name.


Baptism is just the beginning of our Christian journey of transformation. We are united to Jesus Christ by his death and resurrection, and then led by the Holy Spirit in a process of sanctification, or a process of becoming more spiritually aligned and dedicated to God in our thoughts, actions, and motives.

As we seek to live out our faith, the Holy Spirit gives us a new heart's desire and ability to resist sin and worldly influences, becoming more like Christ by studying His Word, repentance, prayer, and other spiritual practices.

At Christ Church, you will find many opportunities to grow and develop your relationship with God through Bible Studies, book studies, topical classes that teach connections with God and catechesis subjects, prayer disciplines, special events and retreats, and opportunities to serve others.


We reach outward with Jesus's love.

Two men installing upper cabinets in a kitchen, one standing on a ladder and the other assisting from the floor.

We use what God gives us to serve the needs of others and spread the gospel.


We are active contributors to the Kingdom of God, not mere consumers. In response to the Great Commission given by Jesus, we participate in the sending of the gospel to local, domestic, and international contexts via volunteerism, grant funding, mission trips, or other provision of resources as available.

As the Body of Christ, the Church is comprised of many people with unique gifts, skills, and abilities and we believe every person has a ministry calling and value to give in service to the mission. More information may be found in the Living in Community publication and our list of missions partners.

One of our largest outreach ministries is our parochial school, Christ Church Academy. We are blessed to serve over 100 local students in our preschool and Lower School classes and provide a strong academic education with a firmly rooted biblical worldview.

If you are seeking the ancient paths for a present purpose, feel free to attend one of our Worship services, Bible Studies, or a special event. You may also call our Church Office at 772.562.8670 to schedule a conversation with any of our clergy.