About the Incarnation (What's the Big Deal?)

Book resource: On the Incarnation by St. Athanasius

     Leading into the Advent season, baby in a mangerFr. Hunter Van Wagenen leads a study of St. Athanasius' book, On the Incarnation, explaining the historic and spiritual significance of Jesus Christ being made flesh. God, without ever ceasing to be God, actually became part of what He created in order to reconcile us to Himself.

Lesson 1 - Introduction (Nov. 8)

Lesson 2 - Creation and the Fallpp. 49-54 (Nov. 15)

Lesson 3 - The Divine Dilemma, pp. 55-60 (Nov. 22)

Lesson 4 - The Divine Dilemma II, pp. 60-70 (Nov. 29)

Lesson 5 - The Death of Christ, pp.70-76 (Dec. 6)

Lesson 6 - The Resurrection, pp. 76-83 (Dec. 13)

Lesson 7 - Conclusion & Reflections, pp. 109-110 (Dec. 20)



Scriptural Basis for Baptism


Taught by Fr. Hunter Van Wagenen (Nov. 1, 2020), this class explores the scriptural foundation of baptism, including the significance of covenant relationship, water, and the dove.

Lesson Notes


Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

Based on the same-titled book by Brant Pitre.

This study shines a fresh light on the Last Supper by viewing it through these historic customs and scripture.

This series is taught by Fr. Keith Allen (Sep-Oct, 2020).

Jesus and the roots of Eucharist series graphic

Lesson 1 My Story (Sep. 6)

Lesson 2 Exodus (Sep 13)

Lesson 3 Passover (Sep. 20)

Lesson 4 Manna (Sep. 27)

Lesson 5 Showbread/Bread of Presence (Oct. 4)

Lesson 6 Last Supper/4th Cup (Oct. 11)

     Regrettably, this lesson cannot be uploaded due to an audio error.

Lesson 7 Narrated Service (Oct. 18)

     Corresponding Lesson/Service Outline available here

Lesson 8 Practices of the Eucharist (Oct. 25)















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