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The Rev. Kim Allen,  
Deacon of Prayer Ministry  

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Please indicate if it is confidential or if sharable to the prayer team.

Deacon Kim is presently in training as a spiritual director under supervision in the Selah-Anglican track with Leadership Transformations, Inc. and is a member of Grafted Life Ministries.

She has dedicated the better part of her life to women’s ministries and she seeks to support women who desire greater growth toward God and intimacy with God. If you are interested in receiving spiritual direction, or just have some questions about what this really means, please email her for information.

Men who are seeking prayer appointments will be referred to Fr. Keith Allen, Fr. Hunter Van Wagenen, or another trained male member of the prayer team.


 Prayer is the fuel for every ministry at Christ Church.

All Christians are called to the ministry of prayer, but our team of trained individuals are ready to serve by joining alongside and/or interceding on behalf of others in prayer.


 Do you love to pray?

Please contact Deacon Kim about how you might serve on our parish prayer team as a minister during Communion on Sunday mornings, the intercessory prayer team, or with True Vine Ministry.


Do you need prayer for physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns?

 Christ Church offers specific resources for you.


Christ Church offers private Spiritual Direction appointments.

Spiritual direction is learning to listen to God, to learn from Him, and to receive His guiding ways in your life. It can be helpful in drawing near to the Lord as you seek wisdom and clarity about a situation.

This is different from counseling or pastoral care which often focuses on problem solving. Spiritual direction is a ministry of companionship, where together the trained director and directee are observing the Lord’s present actions and guiding invitations. 


What is a session like?


Appointments are scheduled for one hour. In a space of quiet stillness, your director will read a few verses of scripture as you open your time before the Lord. The directee may share what the Holy Spirit brings to mind and the director serves to reflect back what she hears, ask questions, or suggest pausing for a moment to ask the Lord for guidance without making judgments or giving advice.

Typically, sessions are scheduled individually once per month with the goal of encouraging the process toward deeper intimacy with God where true transformation happens.

There is no fee for church members for this ministry; however, donations to the church are welcome. Non-church members are encouraged to donate in the amount that seems appropriate to an hour of the directee’s time.

True Vine Ministry of Indian River

True Vine is a Christ-centered inner healing ministry founded by our own Fr. Bob and Judy Stull. They approach ministry for healing of the whole person (spirit, soul and body). True Vine offers extensive training involving teaching seminars and ministry training, in addition to private prayer ministry with individuals seeking healing and wholeness from any of life's wounds. The guiding mission is to help others find freedom as Christians learning to abide in Jesus Christ for healing, health, and wholeness.

For more information, contact Judy Stull at 772-999-5335 or visit the website:



We believe God is about the business of healing His people in body, soul, and spirit so that we each can find our salvation in Him today, not just in the future. God is interested in our asking for His help and guidance in every matter and that He uses our difficulties as opportunities for us to develop trust and to overcome hindrances in our spiritual lives. 

For more information on receiving prayer or joining a prayer team at Christ Church, please email Deacon Kim or call 772-562-8670.



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