Christ Church Vero Beach Website Beta Test

Christ Church Vero Beach has developed a new website format which we believe will improve our "face" to the community.

It offers many advantages over our existing website, chief among them the ability to be “responsive” to the type of device where it is being viewed.  In other words, it adapts the size of images and words to the size of the viewing screen to improve readability and appearance.

The site will offer other improvements over our current website including:

  • Built in event manager (promote events on our website and rsvp online)
  • More flexibility in changing / positioning images, backgrounds and content
  • Lower hosting cost

So whether or not you are viewing the website on a computer, smartphone or tablet, the viewing experience is optimized.

Please take a look at the Best Test Website Here.

Be sure to navigate through it on your computer, smartphone and / or tablet computer.

Eventually, our current website URL will migrate to this new website.

Keep in mind when viewing the website that it is a beta test and not all of the links and downloads are fully operational at this time.

We would like to have your opinions about the site or any ideas you have to make it better.

Please complete the comments section of our Friendship Form and click submit so we can have you input as we finalize development in the coming weeks.

Thank you.


Best Test 2





Christ Church Worship Services

9 am Classic Anglican Worship
11 am Encounter (Contemporary) Worship
10 & 11 am Nursery, Infants, Toddlers
10 am Healing Service
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9.23 Community Center Worship Service

SUNDAYS                                                              11 am Modern Worship                       

11 am Kids Chapel ages 4+

11 am Nursery, Infants & Toddlers

9.23 Community Center
Gospel Minute




667 20th St., Vero Beach, Florida 32960


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