Greetings in Jesus 9/21/17

Thank God, Life isn’t fair

In today’s society, we don’t believe anything, unless we can test it. People put on experiments that range from a rat theme park to whether it’s better to give than receive, and more importantly, how much do I have to give? One study done was on the best way to stand in line.

They were testing the most effective way to get people through a line. SPOILER ALERT: Turns out that the Bible was right, once again. Among first come first serve, taking numbers, and several other convoluted approaches, last come, first serve was actually the most efficient way to handle a line. Of course you shouldn’t expect companies to start developing the practice, because the problem was, everyone hated it.

Even though it worked better for most people, many complained. Just like in Sunday’s Gospel, people were more concerned with their own sense of fairness than what was truly right. First come, first serve was fair, and we all want to live in a fair world, right? Well I don’t. A fair world is a cold one, where there is no true friendship. Any kindness that is shared must be equally repaid in kind, any harm that is done, must be equally returned.

The wages of sin is death, that’s fair, that’s what we earned. Thank God we live in a generous world, where love covers over a multitude, and where we are saved by His merits. Instead of asking ourselves what is fair, we should ask ourselves, how generous can I afford to be? So the next time I am upset over some great injustice, like someone cutting ahead of me in line, I hope that I say to myself, life isn’t fair, thank God.

Father Richard Demsick


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